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The Long Haul

The Replacement

Alexis was a tomboy, she didn’t even try to hide it; She didn’t like anything about her feminate body, even being called a she caused feelings of resentment, like “SHE” was an inferior being somehow. Nothing made her happier than going out and working up a sweat at any game the boys were playing and when she was younger she would always be picked first for any team. As she grew older and the hormones kicked in she became more aware that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with the boys much longer, this was devastating, she was cursed with being the weaker sex, she envied her brother, who only got stronger and faster as they grew older.

Life had been so cruel they both played basketball but she was forced to compete on the female team, watching from the crowded bleachers as the whole school cheered for him, no one even came to the girl’s games and this was her fate. He would go off to college on a scholarship while she would stay at home, even though she was a far better player. He started winning their one on one games, even though she practice three times as much, nature was giving him everything she wanted, his natural advantage made her feel so sorry for herself it hurt to breath sometimes. Alexis would do anything to escape this fate; that’s why when a strange man offered her an even stranger solution she jumped at the opportunity.

She poured the strange elixir into his water bottle, then during half time she quaffed the reset herself, saving just enough for a transfer back. She didn’t expect it to work, but was ecstatic to find herself magically transported into the locker room, somehow it worked, she was in her brothers body! For the rest of the game she dominated the competition, their team went from 36 points behind to 14 ahead.

No one knew what had gotten into him, all of her practicing and this new capable body made her unstoppable and she loved it. The crowd went wild every time she had the ball, the same moves she practiced relentlessly as a girl wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow at the female games, now they caused mayhem on the bleachers, the crowd roared with enthusiasm.

When the game was over she found her brother left early to go home in her body. She went up to her room to apologize and hoped he might consider letting her keep this body for a while; although, she didn’t think he would go for it, especially considering he left early and didn’t see how well she played. When she opened her bedroom door a huge smile grew on her face, she got the feeling that he might consider staying in that body for a while longer.

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