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Design Changes

HI!!! I’ve changed the site a little bit. I know some people will say it’s a little to fay; as a good amount of TG readers are infatuated with a more forceful approach, bondage, submission, ect; which is synonymous with dark tones and black leather, the complete opposite direction I’m going.
Please don’t misunderstand, there’s something inherently feminine being dominated and I absolutely love it, when the mood suits me; but, i get my fill of dark and morbid undertones from everyday life. That’s why I would like to put some makeup on my blog; In order to express the look and feel I dream I could bring into reality.
I see so many beautiful women and I do lust after them, their form, cloths and attitude; I want to give myself completely to these women. SO COMPLETELY I WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIFE!! I want to wear pink, to wear a small shirt with low cut pants that show off my figure, to giggle with my friends about the latest gossip. They have the body I want; they can wear the most amazing fashions or a house dress and will still effortlessly turn heads, just so long as they have a sincere smile.
 I could go on for hours on the subject, but aside from just wanting to get my emotions out there, which feels spectacular letting out b.t.w. The point I’m trying to make is I’m not taming my captions, which would be hard as most of them are already pretty soft-core. I’m just trying to make my blog feel more like Kimberly.
I hope some of you know how I'm feeling and please tell me what you think about the design on the upper right hand poll!. Also, I would absolutely love to know how your feeling, please feel free to leave a comment telling me.


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