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Dead Fish

Anthony, fed up with how lame his wife was in bed talked about his problem with a co-worker, telling him that the girl was just a dead fish in the sack. His friend recommended a small store in the mall that he had never seen before, even though he was no stranger to that mall. Low and behold he found the store, the strange old man behind the counter offered him a solution. He told Anthony that this potion was “guaranteed to make your wife's body react just how you want her to in bed, no more lame duck sex ever again.” and for forty dollars it seamed like a steal.

Latter that night he slipped the liquid in his wife's wine and it worked just the way old man had said, only not as Anthony expected. Somehow at the beginning of intercourse he had magically jumped into his wife's body Needless to say he found it odd having his wife poking in and out of him while he lie on his back, but focusing on the sensation he realised she was just as bad in bed as a man as she was a women, she just didn’t know how to have good sex.

It wasn’t long before his wife orgasmed, returning them to their own bodies, leaving him frustrated and unfulfilled as his wife finished herself off. This went on for several nights, night after night this woman would pound into her with his own dick, cum inside him and wouldn't be anywhere closed to getting off. He thought he would never have an orgasm again

Anthony even though now smaller and weaker couldn't take this passionless boneing as a women any longer and in a fit of sexually frustrated rage pushed his wife to the bottom, forcefully holding her to the bed to he gain balance and leverage as he started grinding vigorously on the rock hard penis that used to be his own, of course it was odd riding a cock and feeling this new clit inside him, compelling him to rub more rapidly against any ferm object, making him long for the penis pokeing inside of him, it felt so natural in this body, natural but so wrong. He tryed to push this notion to the back of his mind, letting his body guide him going farther up then back down again, coming down harder and going up higher with each thrust, after feeling how amazing it was he was almost sorry to be changed back at the end. After having 3 orgasimus before his wife came the couple was sipping coffee down stairs, Anthony's thoughts started to wonder, he couldn’t wait to go back upstairs to have his wife look up at him as he showed her how a real bitch fucks.

Inspired by Mistress Simone’s comment to Argus on Post " All Emily's"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Copy Cat

I really liked thees caps from transformation media, the authors did a fantastic job of making them look realistic! That's why I attempted to copy their work, try to guess which one is mine, I know i suck ;(

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