Tuesday, December 20, 2011



  1. Being so utterly helpless, so small that you can't fight off anyone, so constantly horny that you can't stop masturbating, and constantly on display for all to see. That's one sexy concept! Hopefully she figured out how to sustain her little prototype without food or water.

  2. ;D IKR!!!! Looking out the glass to see those giants admiering ur sexy body with lust and envy, i can only think of one thing to make it better, someone to share it with!!! <3

  3. That's effin' hot, Kimberly!! I'd love to be shrunken into a Barbie-sized / built nymphomaniac! Especially if the lady will take me out and let me play with her giant, juicy pussy! Wouldn't you love to feel my arms and legs wriggling 'round inside?!


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