Friday, January 6, 2012

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  1. Is this stuff on the market, if it's still in trials do you need volunteers?
    You've got some really nice stuff here, Kimberly!

  2. ;D THANXS ELLE!! That means a lot coming from someone with some really creative caps!

    What means more is YOU ARE MY 100TH FOLLOWER, ZOMG!!!! So i'm going to have to steal some stuff from your profile for my next cap n_n Unless of course you disapprove, in which case i'll take it down <3

  3. You are welcome! And thank you, sweetie, I'm flattered!
    If by, 'steal something from your profile', you mean that you intend to compose something with me as a character / transformee, then, by all means, 'do me, baby'! I'd be honored to be included in your fun & games, (or forms & functions)! I will respond in kind as well!
    If you've any questions about likes, kinks, & quirks, let me know, or check out my pref's. at Rachel's Haven, though I'm sure you do something utterly delicious anyhow!



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